I am from the road, with more addresses than knobs on a hat rack. My next move will require six men in dark suits.

I am from the sea, as pragmatic as a clove hitch and as untethered as a lost sea anchor.

I am from the sky, pulled up by dreams both frightening and serene.

I am from print, inspired by texts as sublime as Solomon and as ruthless as Godin.

I am bits of merchant marine, mechanic and marksman.

I am laced with bookkeeper, clown, preacher, politician and hypnotherapist.

I am electronic, existing as a ripple in the ever changing technology landscape.

I am all of these and none of them on any given day.
I refuse definition, eschewing what was and is in deference to what will be.
I am the rock on which my children stood for a while.
What I will become, only God knows.

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